'Timer' to avoid 'jerk' moves of new Envelope Points

Hi. Adding points with the Envelope Tool always cause a littlle ‘jerk’, an unwanted movement of the point; this is bothersome when adding points not intended to be moved but as ‘anchors’*, specially if there are no more close points near because the ‘jerk’ moves the Envelope possibly untill the end/beggining of the wave, and not knowing the exact value pre-jerk, it has to be corrected ‘guessing’ where the point would be without the jerk.

So I propose a (longer? if it exist already) ‘timer’ before engaging movement when one first click to create a new point, so new points remain unmoved for a little while more to be sure the user really wants to move it or letting it still if the user is creating just (for now) an anchor.
*‘Anchors’ seen in pic. This anti-‘jerk move’ is a complement to my proposal “Envelope Points in Waveform, more range of movement” https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/envelope-points-in-waveform-more-range-of-movement/52128/1 , and may have in part something to do with the fact that now the Envelope Tool is logarithmic, (there is a proposal [1+] to make it linear))
Thank you.

… or instead of a ‘timer’, make it way less reactive to user’s mouse movements.

I agree that the Envelope tool is too fiddly and annoying :wink: but for now, that’s what we’ve got, but I find this helps when making “anchor points” at 0 dB:

  1. Click with the Envelope tool near, but slightly below the top of the track and keep the left mouse button pressed down.
  2. Drag the point up to the top of the track. If you drag too far above the track, the envelope control point will disappear, in which case, keeping the mouse button pressed, drag down a little until the control point reappears.

There’s a small “dead space” region above each track where the control point counts as 0 dB, so you don’t need to be dead on 0 dB, just within that dead space region.