Time-squish with Paulstretch

You will go to jail somehow if a value less than 1 is found on scale factor, so Audacity prevents that. NO. Please reverse-engineer Paulstretch.

“Paulstretch” is a cut-down version of “Paul’s Extreme Sound Stretch”, which is a standalone application available here: http://hypermammut.sourceforge.net/paulstretch/
As far as I’m aware, the version in Audacity is the only plug-in version that exists, and was created by Nasca Octavian PAUL specifically for Audacity.

I told you to reverse-engineer that.

You seem to misunderstand the purpose of the “Adding Features” part of this forum. It is not the place for you or anyone else to make “demands”, it is a place for Audacity users to make “requests”. Requests that are reasonable will be logged, and serve to inform the Audacity developers where user’s interests lie.

The developers are under no obligation to develop any requested feature. They are volunteers and will work on the things that they are interested in. Popular feature requests may encourage developers to work on certain features, but no-one has any authority to “tell” a developer what to do (unless they engage the developer in a formal contract of paid employment).

If you make a “request” then I may be inclined to log that request, but I will not log “demands”. Do you understand the distinction that I am making?

Then I “request” time-squish with Paulstretch feature.

Vote added.

Created a forum account just to resurrect this old thread and say…
I’d love to see a more full-featured version of Paulstretch integrated into Audacity that includes an option to speed things up. I use what’s there in Audacity already all the time and love it, but the original program from 10 years ago (that doesn’t seem possible to get up and running on any computer I own) seems to have all sort of intriguing controls and extras.