Time shifting a label track

Audacity 2.0.5

I have two synced stereo tracks, and a label track (also synced). I position the cursor, and select all three tracks, and do a “split”. I time shift one of the audio tracks to the right, to open up a “gap” in the audio. The other audio track also slides along, from the split point. However, the entire label track (unsplit) slides right, too, thus destroying the validity of all the labels to the left of the split.

How can I get the label track to split and time shift, consistent with the other two tracks. That is, I would like all three tracks to be able to time shift right, but only from the split point (not from the very beginning of the tracks).

Thank you.



Not simple to do that, as far as I can see. What you can do is select the label track, Edit > Duplicate it, then in the original, remove the labels you don’t want to shift.

Then if you have enabled Sync-Locked Track Groups, drag the duplicate label track to top. You should see it has lost the “clock” symbol, so won’t be affected by drags in the tracks below.

If Sync-Locked Track Groups is off, drag-select any region in the clip that you want to shift, drag that region down into the original label track (excluding the duplicate label track), then hover over the selection in the audio track and drag.