Time Shift Issue which I am hoping is a simple one

hello all,

I am mixing tracks for my podcast and Audacity will not let me shift one of the tracks. There are two tracks currently both set at 0 (the start of the podcast). I am trying to do a fairly routine operation of moving one of the tracks over about 10 seconds but it just won’t let me do it. All other tracks shift fine. Sync lock is not on.

Any insights/help appreciated! I am very familiar with using the tool; I’m thinking it may just be a setting for that particular track of which I am not aware? I really don’t know.

Thank you! Hoping this is a simple one…


My guess is that there’s an audio clip in the way - perhaps a very small one that is too small to see at normal zoom levels.
Try zooming out enough that you can see plenty of empty space beyond the end of the track, then try dragging the track into the empty space. If it suddenly jumps over an invisible barrier, then my guess is probably correct, in which case; Undo the drag, then zoom in close on the end of the track and see if there’s a separate little audio clip at the end.

What exactly is an1 audio barrier? There are two thick lines on the track and I have been wondering what they are. Is there a way to get rid of them? Do they have a functional purpose? Thank you!

Could you post a screenshot of that. I’m not sure what you mean but it could be relevant.
Does anything on this page look like it? Edit Menu: Audio Clips - Audacity Manual

Hey! Not sure exactly why it worked, but I took your advice and it did work! I guess was a matter of separating the track into 2 separate tracks which I understand now. Thank you very very much! I really appreciate it!