time shift, harmony part out of sync [SOLVED]

Hi, I made a 3 part harmony and it turned out great. I changed the pitch of 1 note (from 338 to 440) changed it in 4 sections. this caused the entire section to be out of sync so I moved it with with the time shift tool, it lines up great but then further down the song its out of sync. so I fixed all 4 sections and then the 1st section is out of sync again. Ive tried hi lighting the individual parts to time shift and also the entire track but it keeps going off sync. any ideas, cheers

I changed the pitch of 1 note.

How? Drag-select the note and Effect > Change Pitch? I don’t think that’s supposed to change the duration of the clip.

i know, all i did was change the pitch of 1 note in each of the 4 sections. (same trk) then I noticed that the 1 section had moved so I re aligned it with the time shift tool. then i noticed another was out of sync so I fixed that. the 3 and 4th clips were out (the clips are moving less than 1 sec. ) so I aligned those and the the 1st section is out of sync again :confused: what do you think?

Again, how did you do that, exactly? Effect > Change Pitch… does change the length slightly, but proportionally this would be very noticeable if you are pitch-changing only a single note.

I recommend you Edit > Undo all the Change Pitches, and use Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift… instead which keeps the length constant.


Yes, i used effect > change pitch. 1 note (same note in 4 sections). it caused the section to go out of sync, I move the section with time shift tool and every thing is perfectly aligned, in time and in tune in that section. but the other sections then move sightly and by the time I fix those the first has moved out of alignment again. I can try undoing the change pitch moves and using sliding time scale pitch shift but everything I did with change pitch and time shift work everything is aligned and in tune, then the sections moves again.

Have you got one Audacity track, or multiple Audacity tracks on top of each other?

If you have multiple Audacity tracks, and want to Time Shift one Audacity track without altering the sync with other Audacity tracks, enable Sync-Locked Track Groups.

If you only have one Audacity track, you can only Time Shift the whole track, unless you use Edit > Clip Boundaries > Split to create a separate clip in the track. Read the links in blue to learn more. When you have split audio in a track into clips, you can use Time Shift Tool to drag each clip where you want it in the track.

If that does not help, please explain what you are trying to sync to what. Post a screenshot if it helps. See How to attach files to forum posts.


Hi gale, yes separate tracks. 3 prt har vox + guitars bass drms I used your edit>clip boundaries>split idea and it worked great. all parts are in tune and in time. thanks much