Time shift change does not apply after saving

Hi to all,
I’m using version 2.0.3 on Win XP Professional.

I’m trying to apply a time shift of a 0.026 seconds in a track. It is all ok while using this change but If I try to export the track (mp3 or wav is the same) and then re-import my track, the modify is not saved.

I tried many and many times with different versions of Audacity, but the problem remains.

Anyone can help me?

Thank you in advance


How are you doing that?

Are you aware that MP3 files always have a bit of lead-in silence at the start? (unavoidable because it is a limitation of the MP3 format).

With the time shift tool (from A to B):

Yes but the problem arises also in WAV.

If you Save the Audacity Project, then the time shift will be saved.
For “exporting” audio, the result may vary depending on what exactly you are doing.
Please describe how you are doing the export.

Dear Steve,

I am two tracks. The upper track is a guitar part, the lower is the click (metronome) part. My need is to match the starting point of the guitar with the click.
Then I would want to extract the guitar and the click separately (WAV or MP3) for using the tracks in another sequencer (for example reason or cubase).

Every time I try, after the extract the tracks are not matched (like if the change does not apply after export).

Maybe the title of the post should be “Time shift change does not apply after export”…

When you export, any “white space” at the start of the track is ignored.
Here I had a project with one audio track that has “white space” (a gap) before the start.
I then exported the track and then imported the track back in (“Imported Track”).
The “white space” was not included in the export, so when I import it back in it is not synchronised with the first track:
The “trick” is to ensure that there is “something” at the very start of the track.
Here I have generated a little bit of silence at the start of the track (select part of the “white space”, then “Generate menu > Silence”.
Now if I export it and import it back in, you see that it is synchronised:
Personally I think there should be an option to include “white space” at the start of the track in exported files, but Audacity does not currently have that option.

Steve, I know that problem, but I don’t have “white spaces” in my tracks.

The mystery is growing… :cry:

Then can you provide detailed step by step instructions so that we can reproduce the issue?

Here a step by step video of the problem:


You can see that before the export and after the shift correction and then after the import, the gap between the click and the guitar is completely different without apparent reasons.

Thank you in advance

That’s the problem. You are exporting “New Guitar.mp3” and because it is an MP3 file, there is a little bit of silence added to the beginning. The only way to avoid that is to export in a different format such as WAV, FLAC or Ogg.