Time Markers

Does anyone know if it’s possible to drop “markers” at certain points on the timeline of a track, for recall to that point later?

ProTools has this function, as does Sound Studio, Adobe, just about any audio file editor. But if it exists in Audacity, I can’t find it.

Example: The chorus to a song I recorded begins at time 1:39.985. I click on something that leaves a “mark” there, either a line on the track display or a “hashmark” of some kind on the timeline at the top. I can then give that marker a name if desired. I can then call up a small window or dialog and click on that marker in the window, and playback gets located to that point in time.

Is this possible in Audacity?


Audacity has “label tracks”: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/label_tracks.html