Time display on a track

Is there an option in the program that the current time is displayed on the recorded track at a given moment? The point is that, for example, when recording something for a few hours, I would like to have a preview at a given point of the track at what time something was recorded. Of course there are methods to figure it out, but I’d like to make it easier.

There isn’t such a feature. Even if there was, it could only work for a new, unedited recording. For imported tracks there is no way to determine when the recording was made, and even for a new recording it would only work until you make the first edit.

The closest to what you are requesting is this plug-in that adds labels: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/labels-to-show-time-that-a-recording-was-made/47327/1

About this topic in the link provided. I installed the plugins from that second post. I have set it so that the date and time of the start of the recording are displayed after the name of the track (this is already a big help) but how do I turn on and run this plugin:

record-time.ny: New plugin that reports recorded time at cursor / highlight position (more info below)

Nothing is happening to me. I suspect that I am doing something wrong?

Did you install all three files from the ZIP package?
If you did, you should see two new plug-ins: “Recording Time” and “Recording Time Labels”
They will be in the “Generate” menu,

Do read through the topic that I linked to - that’s the “documentation”.

Update these plugins in the attachment from the “Generate” menu. I have a program in Polish, but I think it doesn’t make it difficult. When I click “OK” and then select something on the track, nothing happens. And the best option for me is the shown time from-to after marking a part of the recording on the track.

The plug-ins should be listed here:


Ahhh … well, the problem is solved. I didn’t notice it there. It works and, most importantly, meets my expectations in 100%. Thank you!

If I were writing that plug-in now, I’d have put it in the “Tools” menu rather than the “Generate” menu, but at the time that I wrote it, Audacity didn’t have a “Tools” menu.