Thumps from Breathing in audio


I did a livestream on TikTok (I usually use OBS which doesn’t have this problem) and didn’t realise until after that every time I breathed out, it hit the microphone and made a thump noise. Unfortunately I can’t rerecord the audio for the whole livestream, so is there any way to filter out these noises without having to go through cutting them by hand?

Thank you :slight_smile:

About 60-80 percent of thumps can be removed automatically. The rest of the thumps will have to be removed manually. In addition to thumps, there are overloads on the record. They also need to be restored.

Oh thank you!! How do I remove them automatically ? :open_mouth: And what’s an overload ? Sorry i’m a noob to audacity :sweat_smile: :joy_cat:

Search DePlosive, Plosive Remover etc. plugin

Overload )or clipping) is when the input signal reaches 0 dB and conditionally crosses the 0 dB level. By ear, it is perceived as a distortion

For restore overload (clipping) search DeClip, DeClipping, ClipRemover etc. plugin.
Note that not all thumps (plosives) and not all clippings can be removed. A good idea is to record with headroom (-18… -12dB) to prevent overloading (clipping) for outdoor. If the voice is recorded in the studio, headroom should be at -9dB. To do this, you need to reduce the sensitivity (gain) of your microphone, but not the recording level of the sound editor (Audacity etc.)

Wow thank u so much :smiley: I’ll do all of this right now :grin: