thump removal or avoidance

I’m using Audacity 2.3.0 and I often get these thumps (middle of the clip). Sometimes I can simply cut them out, but most often I have to record them again. Is there any way to smooth them out or even avoid them? I’m using a GLS Audio Vocal Microphone ES-58-S with a Scarlett Solo 2nd gen

I don’t hear any thump. How close to the microphone are you and are you using a pop and blast filter?

That round thing is the pop filter and that’s about the right spacing for your lips.

If you ever wondered what that round thing was or what it did. That’s it.

There’s another possibility, too. You could be picking up noises from the desk or floor. That white spidery thing on the back of Chris Pratt’s microphone is there to prevent those noises. If you gently rap his microphone, it will silently wiggle and wobble instead of making a noise. Those white things are rubber or elastic.

I made one out of plastic pipes and actual rubber bands.

There’s no glue. That whole thing is pushed together and sprayed black. The rubber bands are from the US Mail.

It’s been used in several movie shoots.


There’s a way to do it in post production, too, although that can effect your voice.

Effect > Equalization: Select Curve: Low Rolloff for Speech. Length about 5000. > OK.

See if that helps. It’s best to get rid of this at the recording step instead of later.


I’m using a pop filter and shock mount as well as low roll off.

I’m using a pop filter…

Right then. Couple that with the fact that I couldn’t hear it means it’s not really there. Your playback system is doing something wrong.

Listen to the work on something that’s not your computer. Do you have an iPod or other portable music system? Other computer? Home music system?

My music system will do the organ bass pedals, so I suspect what you think is happening isn’t right.


I thought I posted a longer sample. Here’s a better one. The thump is at the word ISN’T. I just don’t know if it’s my voice or the mic or the solo.

Your work does have tones down to 115Hz which might quality as thump, but they’re no louder than the regular voice tones.

I have a music system in my car that boosts thumps and any rumble and low pitched sound in radio shows. It only appears in my car. Nowhere else.

I thought to myself, “How can they broadcast sound like that?” They’re not. I listen to the same thing in the house and it’s perfect.


thump 2.wav

Nope. No thump.

I got a computer from work once and someone left Windows playback special effects running by accident. It drove us nuts for several days until I figured out what happened.

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 9.19.06.png

Sound effects are disabled. Maybe I just have a really picky ear.