THREE stereo tracks copy/paste over-and-over again & again & again...

1st time post & I figure this is either going to be something really simple or impossible…
Version: 2.4.2 on Windows 7
I’ve got a little project using 3 stereo tracks (the 3rd track is a small, unchanging sample).
I need a script to copy stereo track 3, paste it to the end of track 2, then copy the entire track 2 & paste it to the end of Master Track 1. Go back to track 3 and do it over-and-over again. This will allow track 2 to get a little longer each time & track 1 to grow exponentially.
I’d like to do it like 314 times & really don’t want to do it manually.
Any help would be appreciated.

Have you tried writing a macro to do it?

I’m also intrigued as to what you want this for?

I’ve never written a Macro before so not sure I can, unless there’s something close that I can tweak?
Looks like the macros are mostly effects and such, but I did see “Silence” listed so maybe that could be used because essentially Track 3 is just a very small sample of silence.
Basically, Track 2 is the sound sample and Track 3 gets pasted onto the end, making it incrementally longer each iteration, and that gets pasted onto the end of the Master Track 1. Should slow the listening experience of sound sample quite nicely over time.

Unfortunately, the macro commands, while powerful are not clearly documented, and looping has been deliberately not made available - so you would have to run the project manually 314 times, or whatever. Trying to insert audio at the end of a track in a macro as opposed to the end of a project can be frustrating, at least for me. I gave this a whirl myself and finally gave up after getting the message “there is not enough room to paste the selection” when I ran it the second time. Steve knows some counter-intuitive tricks with macros that may be able to compensate. In my opinion, macros could benefit by further development and documentation and illustrative examples, although I am not sure this is currently a development priority.

or lots of copy / paste in the macro script, or a Nyquist Macro (which support looping). It’s difficult to say what would be needed in the absence of a clear picture of what this is about.