This doesn't look right... help!

I don’t hear most of that, so that’s between you and Trebor. All I got was a nice voice.

Can you post another one according to this recipe?

I do hear some of the odd background noises and they’re messing up the measurement tools.

We had one poster who had a squeaky chair and he rocked back and forth nervously as he spoke. We allowed maybe he should stop doing that.


The click on “hello” is in the 6kHz -10kHz range.
So if your speakers / headphones / ears don’t operate well in that region you’ll have difficulty hearing it.
It sticks out like a sore-thumb on the spectrogram

Yeah, sorry, I wasn’t actually trying to keep everything quiet (wasn’t thinking). I was just looking for opinions on my voice and whether I had the sound reflection in control. Trevor, my god you must have sensitive ears! Honestly, I don’t hear any of that, that worries me. I’m not sure what clicking is. Is that a sound description or a technical term? I plan on using a solid chair that won’t make any sounds and will make sure everything is quite for my next recording that I will send to you this weekend.

I’m having to start out on the cheap. I am hoping that if all goes well, I will get better equipment and eventually build a soundproof booth in my man cave. I’ll attach a couple of pictures of what I’m working with now. I will also study up this weekend to learn some of this technology that you guys talk about. If you get to technical I’ll be lost lol.

Thank you sooooo much for your help!

This is me going for a hearing test.

The images are flipped.

Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 02.42.34.jpg

Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 02.43.03.jpg

I expect that to work. Still interested in that longer test.


Do something theatrical or narrative. 'This is me talking into my Rode microphone," is nice but the next step is a short story.

“‘No I can’t find her either,’ I said to my wife. ‘She’ll turn up when you start the can opener.’

Who would have thought the cat was sleeping on the warm engine? When I started the car she took off for the next county not touching the ground more than twice the whole trip.”

Copyright me. That should take about 12-13 seconds, roughly 15 counting the two or three seconds of silence at the top.


Some clicks come under the category of wet-mouth-noises : lip-smacking & inadvertent tongue-clicks.
They tend to be brief : less than 5 milliseconds, and higher-frequency : above 2kHz.
(Most people can hear up to 14kHz, but that cut-off frequency drops off with age).
Those are fixable with De-clicking software, like Audacity’s free plugin.

(Most people can hear up to 14kHz, but that cut-off frequency drops off with age).

WHAT? I can’t hear you. My cutoff frequency’s been dropping with age.


Not necessarily hearing, it could be headphones or speakers.

Hey guys!

This is that reading you gave me to do. I’m sorry, it’s about 18 seconds long with silence at the start.

Again, thanks for your help[.


Forgot to mention, As requested, no effects or alterations were done to this recording. I did cut out about half a second after can opener to shorten the time between words

It was always down to your delivery speed. The text was an approximation.

So a little audiobook mastering and boop. Good to go.

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 07.43.56.png

So now it’s up to theatrical patching for any clicking or popping in your delivery.

I need to play real life for a while.


Mastering is a wiki post now.


I did a bit of tidying up and reformatting on that page today.

And formerly it was an unlinked orphan page so I:

  1. added a link to it from thge usewr Tips section on the Wiki front page

  2. added {{CategoryTips}} to the page so that it gets listed when you click on “Tips” in the left menu bar


I’m not sure if it should be AudioBook or Audiobook - Our Wording consistency page has the second form right now


Oh, I think I see it. There’s a little tick at about 5 seconds (there may be more). That’s not a logical place for a lip smack, I don’t think, so the computer may be doing that. That could be fun. Hope for lip smacks. Those are relatively easy to deal with.

Trying to cure data errors in the computer can be really entertaining.

There is an up side. ACX rarely rejects submissions because or human noises. Breathing typically goes straight through. This may be a good time for a test submission.


It sounds good, for most purposes, excellent. But … I can hear a motor/fan on “can opener”.
I’m not imagining it : if an extreme degree of compression is applied the motor/fan can be heard throughout …

If you want people to part with money you need to do a bit more to reduce that motor/fan noise,
(and DeClick),

You can reduce the can opener with gentle noise reduction. After mastering, drag-select a bit of the 2-second room tone and Effect > Noise Reduction: Profile.

Then select the whole performance by clicking just right of the up arrow on the left.

And Effect > Noise Reduction: 6, 6, 6 > OK.

That should reduce the noise without affecting your voice.



That works. We’ll make it into a simple word instead of a compound.


We should note that the standard for background noises is some 13dB louder than your can opener. So you’re already doing quite some better than the ACX cutoff. Balance that against needing to remember to perform all your corrections for each and every chapter.

Keep notes.


Thanks Koz, I’ll sort that.