Thinking Out Loud

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I’ve just joined and I’ve been using Audacity for quite some time now, but there is always something new to learn. I hope you don’t mind if I pick your brains a bit. Here is what I am trying to achieve. I’m not very good at explaining things so please bare with me. I am working on a point and click free adventure game called Incident At ROANOKE. In a few scenes my main character has a few moments where he is talking to himself inside his own head, I guess sort of thinking out loud in a thought bubble where his voice sort of sounds faint and far away. Someone on another site mentioned a hefty reverb and then someone else said no. Could someone tell me how I can achieve this sound. Thank you in advance, any help would be greatly appreciated.

If he’s talking to himself, but you can see that his lips are not moving, then that gives a good clue that he’s thinking the words.
Work on the script. With a well written script it should be obvious. Read some Raymond Chandler.

Hey Steve, thank you for the reply, but it’s not the look I need it’s the sound. I need to know how to adjust the sound in Audacity to make the sound of thinking to himself. Sorry if I didn’t make it clear, I’m not very good at explaining things.

Have a listen: