There is a gap in the voice and track

i am facing this problem from previous 3 months that when i put my karokee track and then play the record button and sing with it. During recording i looks everything is going fine but when i listen to it. there is a gap between my voice and track nor more than of half second but its enough to ruin the tune of a song.

i am fed up don’t know what to do i have Time shift tool to adjust but the problem is still there.

Right know i am using Audacity 1.3beta unic0de.

Adjust latency ? …

and its done thanks a lot have solved my problem and you don,t know the limits of my happiness.

:smiley: :slight_smile: :mrgreen:

This is a huge pain in the ass. Also in the Audacity I’m using there is no Recording tab under Preferences.

Hi Terry,
If you look in Audacity “Help menu > About Audacity” it will tell you the version number.
If you can then post your question in the part of the forum that is relevant to your version of Audacity and your operating system someone may be able to offer appropriate advice.

General tips on how to get help:

  1. be as specific as possible
  2. include your version of Audacity (for example, 1.2.6).
  3. include your operating system (for example, Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Intel Mac OS X 10.4).
  4. include details of what you were trying to do, what steps led to the problem occurring, and details of any error messages.