There are two red arrows that seem to be interfering with my ability to record

Why are these 2 red arrows here? It used to be very easy to record and play back on Audacity. Maybe I’m using a newer edition of Audacity. But now the simplest things can’t be done. Any suggestions?

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Do not use bold type for the whole text. It does not become more legible, and it does not make your contribution more important. But it looks like you’re shouting at us.

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No idea what “these 2 red arrows” are - you might want to include an image?

Which version of Audacity is that?

I want to say it’s one of the looping options, but that’s not it.



That’s Timeline Options and it’s normally green.

Right-Click on it and see what yours says.

Screen Shot 2024-04-13 at 5.50.12 AM


If you know what “Error code: 0 Success means, I’d like to know.” I didn’t see it listed
anywhere. Thanks!

Audacity can’t find anything to record on, or maybe can’t find a microphone. Ideally, Audacity is set to record on the computer’s internal drive. In Windows that’s C:\

If you’re trying to use any drive other than the computer’s normal internal drive, you should probably stop. Audacity doesn’t like that very much. It’s particularly bad if you have a cloud drive as part of your arsenal. You can’t do production on those.

You can transfer files back and forth to a cloud drive, just don’t let Audacity see you do it.


Are you using Audacity 3.5 Beta? That’s experimental software.

Alpha software is bits and pieces from the design and programming offices. Beta is where they got most of the bugs ironed out and they issue the software so you can try it and report back the stuff you find wrong.

It’s not Final Version.

I’m pretty happy with 3.4.2.


I think you put the emphasis in the wrong place. It’s Error Code: Zero Success.

I couldn’t find either a microphone or sound source to record from, or a drive to record to.

Are you trying to record your Zoom meeting? This is the kind of thing that happens with those.


This is Audacity 3.4.1 or 3.4.2 (I can’t even get the buttons to work so that I can find out which version I’m using!)

This problem occurs when I’m recording music I’ve made on
But the same problem occurs when I’m just trying to record myself saying
to the computer, up close, “Testing one, two, three. Testing one, two, three.”

It’s strange, because for years, Audacity has worked well for me, with no problems.

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