the wave file too small when recording!

My previous Audacity got deleted by accident and after downloading again the settings must have gotten messed up. THe wave form is too small and cannot tell anymore where the dead silences are to edit!

Volume is up all the way! am i missing somewhere else to turn the volume up at?

I need it way bigger please. I am not a techie either. So i searched what i could but nothing came up! Thanks!
2017-08-21 AUDACITY.jpg

I presume that you are trying to record audio that is playing on your computer (such as from a website). When recording sound that is playing on the computer, if you turn down the playback volume, then the recording will also be quiet (because you are recording something that is quiet). If you have external speakers connected to your computer that have a volume control, turn down the volume on the speakers, and leave the playback volume on the computer turned up fairly high.

DUH LOL! yes i tried another youtube and it was fine! just happened to be the first thing i recorded when i downloaded. Didn’t think to try another audio! Thanks!!!