The switch of build system from autotools to cmake isn't getting through to packagers


The recent switch from autotools to cmake as the build system for Audacity is causing all this effect breakage. Perhaps the existing autotools mechanism could have been fudged to stop and report “Autotools is no longer supported for building Audacity!”. The problem is that Audacity builds from a binary perspective but effects are left out of the final virtual installation step.

I’ve managed to get the Flatpak folks to transition from autotools to cmake and, from another thread, Arch Linux are on it too but the Panda Jim PPA hasn’t got the message yet.


I was worried that might happen.

As I understand it, the next Audacity release will be pretty soon, and autotools support will be removed, so it will be totally obvious that it doesn’t work.

Thanks for doing that.
Do they have a fully working Flatpak for Audacity 2.4.1 yet?

Yes, I think they have been in touch with the Audacity developers.
They also had a problem with Audacity’s requirement for Python 2.7, which is now obsolete. Future versions of Audacity will use Python 3, which should be welcomed by many packagers.

Hopefully he will soon.

Update: looks like it has been removed.