The spectrogram does not lie uniformly relative to the axis

The spectrogram does not lie uniformly relative to the axis. Does anyone know why it happens and how I can fix it now and prevent in future?
Please see screenshot


It COULD be a natural characteristic of the sound. Some people’s voice looks like that and some instruments create soundwaves like that.

Or it could be a problem with your microphone or soundcard.

But either way, there may be nothing wrong with the sound.

You should be able to make it “look better” with a high pass filter. If there’s deep bass that you want to keep you can set it a 20Hz or if it’s something like voce with no deep bass you can go up, maybe to 100Hz, to get a “stronger effect”.

If you high-pass at 20Hz the sound won’t be affected at all.

You don’t have this, but there’s also something called “DC offset” where everything, including silence, is offset. That’s always a hardware problem and it can also be (mostly) fixed with a high-pass filter because DC is zero Hz. Or there is a DC offset removal option in the Normalize effect.

FYI - That’s not a spectrogram… It’s a waveform. The waveform is the most common way of visually displaying the audio. Time is (obviously) on the X-axis and the Y-axis is (positive & negative) amplitude. The positive half represents increased air pressure, or a speaker pushing-out, and the negative half is the speaker sucking-in, or a reduction in air pressure. …That’s not always true because the electronics or the speaker may invert the polarity, which doesn’t affect the sound.

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