The red banner in the Russian forum

The red banner in the Russian forum ( is in broken Russian and was clearly machine-translated.

Shall we fix it? I’d be happy to provide a proper translation if you give me the original English text. (Russian is my mother tongue.)

That would be very welcome.
If you provide a proper translation I will update the forum text.

In English:

Please note that most Audacity support members speak only English. Therefore, we can not guarantee an answer to questions in Russian.

If your question here is not answered, and you can write / read in English, you may contact the English Forum in the appropriate section for your operating system (, , ).

I will replace , , with links to:

Here you go!

Бо́льшая часть сообщества Audacity говорит только по-английски, поэтому мы не обещаем ответ на вопросы по-русски.

Если ваш вопрос здесь остался без ответа и вы говорите по-английски, пожалуйста, попробуйте задать вопрос в секции, соответствующей вашей операционной системе (, , ).

Thank you mxdxz.
I’ve updated it. Please check that it looks correct.

Looks good — thanks.

The link on the main page with anchor Russky, should be written as “Russian”, leading to Russian discussion section, no?

It should probably be something like “Русские” or “русски”, but I’m not a native Russian speaker. Are you? Do you live in Russia?

The Russian word for the Russian language would be “Русский”.

Thank you mxdxz. Does that look better now?

Looks good to me!