The new playback loop freaks me

I just updated the program from 2.4 something to the latest version and right away noticed that I can’t Shift+Space as I used to which freaks me… Now I have to make selections every time and it doesn’t act as it used to… I can’t edit anything like that.
Is there a way to revert to the old option without downgrading the program? I noticed it now packs all the project files into 1 which is neat.
Thank you.

Unfortunately not.

Then could you please explain how it should work? How to use it? I want to loop from the playhead and play the whole thing afterwards, and sometimes select a part to loop. How can I achieve it without manually adjusting the loop area at the top every single time. I don’t even understand what the loop button does.

You and many others. :wink:

Here is the official documentation on the new looping feature: Redirecting to: The looping section starts @1:24.

Yeah… The video is very generic…
Is there a way to achieve what I mentioned?
For instance, I want to play from the very end of the timeline and make Audacity loop right to the beginning afterwards. I can’t achieve it.

Ugh this is terrible it selects a random part from the beginning of the track… I never selected it…
Screenshot 2022-07-09 112356.png

Also it seems like both key combinations do the same… When I press Space it plays once and when I press Shift+Space it plays once
Screenshot 2022-07-09 112629.png

I select a part like I would normally do… and it loops a completely different part… I can’t be bothered to adjust the loop selection at the top every single time… Also, it’s less accurate because I want to click on the wave itself to select very specifically the part I want to loop
Screenshot 2022-07-09 113729.png

  1. “Ctrl + A” (select all)
  2. Click the “Loop” button (sets the loop region to the selection, and enables looping)
  3. Click on the Timeline (the time ruler near the top) at the place that you want to start playback.
  4. Press the “Space bar” to stop playback.

    To turn off looping and return to normal playback, click the"Loop" button again.