The effect Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift

Each time the effect overthows settings to defaults (0). It is uncomfortably, please, correct so, that last values used should have been remembered, such as Change speed, Change pitch… Why does the effect (Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift) work so slowly? See one of my previous topic, where the similar problem has been discussed and solved.
Please, take a view of the effect in the head of the regular topic.

Not all built-in effects yet save their settings after the Audacity session. Change Speed is one effect that does. No Nyquist effects yet save their settings after the Audacity session, although you can change their default settings by editing their NY file.

We will look at saving settings for built-in effects when they are converted to the same “real time preview” interface that you see in 2.1.0-alpha for VST and LADSPA effects.

Sliding Time Scale is a very high quality algorithm in comparison to Change Pitch and Change Tempo, so it is slower (as the Manual states)


Thank you! But now this effect neither saves last values, nor allows to install appropriate defaults. Each time installed “0” is seen - no effect and you should set figures again. It occupies 5 min (!) for processing 3.5 min track - so long?

The last values are available until you close the session.

If you search for “GPrefs” in srceffectsChangeSpeed.cpp it should not be too hard to see how to write the plugin settings to audacity.cfg. When you have made the changes, recompile Audacity.

But as I said, these methods of saving settings are likely to change in the not too distant future.