The correct command name for the macro (english VS locale)

Please tell me what English word (or phrase) needs to be entered into the script (in an external editor, for example) instead of an abbreviation from my national alphabet (AUDACITY for some reason even when switching the program language leaves some commands in the system language, but I want all commands inside the macro to be exactly in English).

In my case, the script reference says “High-passFilter”, but the program gives me an error (see image)

Maybe someone will attach a working example script with high-pass filter, and I’ll try to run it at my system?

Windows 8x64 + Audacity 3.1.3.x64

Here is a script:

Amplify:AllowClipping="1" Ratio="3.9810717"
High-passFilter:frequency="1000" rolloff="dB48"

Here is a script

test audacity script-macros text.gif
i am import:
test script at manage window (serbian language).gif
Same error:
error (serbian language).gif
There is window with default macro-commands In Serbian language, for example:
default scripts (serbian language).gif
And the HighPassFilter command is highlighted there - and it works in the script. But not in English. And it is not translated into English when I switch the interface language in the program.

This issue is beyond my macro experience level. I have asked Steve to help with this.

The macro “.txt” file must always be in English. Effect names will be displayed in the selected locale. For example, I have a macro containing:

High-passFilter:frequency="1000" rolloff="dB6"

When Audacity is set to English, the macro looks like this in the macro editor:

When Audacity is set to Serbian, the macro looks like this in the macro editor:


Yes, of course, I can quite imagine how multilingualism should work (I am a system programmer by education). But in practice, I watch some bugs with Cyrillic (Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian and other same) languages on my system (read pictures comments):
So far I consider it a bug of the program.

Perhaps this is a local problem on my system. Perhaps I am observing some kind of conflict of programs or libraries. Since, on top of everything else, other bugs have appeared - the export and import macro buttons have disappeared (When switching languages in the program settings, for some reason, the built-in macros are cloned (the picture shows as many as 5 export commands to MP3 in different languages), sometimes the track speed change command does not work correctly…

Maybe this is a Windows 8 thing. I can’t reproduce the issue on Linux, and I don’t have Windows 8.

I’ve asked the developers if someone could take a look at this issue as it’s difficult for me to test because I can’t read any Cyrillic languages.