The best settings for my sample

Hello there,

I was playing around with Audacity for a few days now and it seems that I can’t obtain what I want. Below is a sample recorded by me on a Shure Beta 58A. What I want is to obtain with default Audacity effects a well balanced, crisp, clear but also powerful voice. To be more specific, a “ready to be broadcasted on radio” file.

If anybody is kind enough to help me out with a ready-to-go Macros chain, I will be very grateful. If that’s too much, maybe help me out with some EQ’s for this sample, or maybe so compressor tricks.

Thank you!

Radio broadcast advertisements use multi-band compression, (Audacity’s native compressor is single band).
There are free multi-band compression plugins that work in Audcaity on Windows,
IMO the best one is the free version of TDR Nova … TDR Nova | Tokyo Dawn Records