The best headphones to use audacity?

Who can help me get good headphones to use with the Audacity program in Windows? I want a quality experience…

I’m from Spain and I want to get something cheap. I have investigated on this page and we NGOs you [advert removed]

The most widely used headphones in Hollywood are Sony MDR7506. That’s them on David Greene’s head in NPR West-Culver City.

They have a number of desirable physical properties and their reputation is to be able to show you problems before anybody else hears them.

It’s that last property that means they’re not so good, in my opinion, for settling back and watching a movie.

I like the Sennheiser series, but I don’t recommend the ones I have because they’re consumer grade and I think they’re discontinued. I do use those for watching a movie.

I have a set of Behringer “cans,” the Behringer HPS3000 Studio Headphones. They seem to work as well as the highly respected Koss Pro4AA. The problem with the Pro4AA is they’re hot and they weigh as much as a Land Rover.

The Behringer units come with a plug adapter so you can plug them into anything except the newer Apple products which don’t support analog headphones.


We have hardware reviews on the forum. I’ll get the address.