The app is malfunctioning

Hi there to whom it may concern. I just recently downloaded the audacity app on my iPad. I purchased the premium month plan and I know it went through because I can see the charge on my bank account. Now anytime I open the app it goes straight to the purchase screen to purchase a plan but since I already have I do not want to again. It will not let me go past this screen in the app to actually use the services. I need to get this working asap - can someone please help?

Well, there is good news and bad news.

First the bad news: you got snookered. I would contact my credit card company.

Now for the good news: Audacity is free to download and free to use: Audacity ® | Downloads

Are you saying it’s a fake app?

It shows up as a legitimate subscription on my Apple ID

Well, I have special deal for you. I will sell you your own private edition of Audacity for only $10,000. Bitcoin accepted. Or you can get it for free. Your choice.

Complain to your credit card company and to Apple. Also, please post a link here to the site where you got this from. @LWinterberg will take a look.

We do not have an iOS, iPadOS or Android app at the moment, so yes, it definitely is fraudulent.

Unfortunately everyone in this thread is correct:

  1. There is an Audacity app complete with Audacity logo in the Apple app store, it has 28 reviews, 1.3 stars, and lists “DK Construction Company” as the developer. It also clearly states subscription payment
  2. The Audacity community is not responsible for the app in Apple’s app store. As freeware, any developer can take the code and publish it (subject to a bunch of legal terms we won’t talk about here).

The general procedure for app support is to contact the developer (DK Construction Company) via the link in the app store, report the problem to Apple, or contact your card company. YMMV with each option.

While I agree it smells fishy, it is unclear if DK provides legitimate support. Personally I would never download an app that has only 28 reviews and 1.3 stars.

The screenshots on the app’s page look nothing like the real Audacity (it looks little more than an audio recorder app with speech-to-text and text-to-speech features), so at the very least it seems to be a case of trademark infringement.

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