Text to Speech (simple one)

I for one am going to have a hard time paying $20 a month just to get text to speech like in Adobe Audition (Effect>Generate>Speech) when I retire. I have my Adobe subscription through work.
There are subscriptions for online tools but I am looking for a more robotic old school text to speech. Not one that sounds realistic. Hell of a long shot but what are the chances that the team could put in some type of text to speech that produces a waveform (audio) like in Audition when you “Generate” speech?
Just a simple female voice like Samantha (Mac OS here)
They clearly use the Accesibility features that come with the OS. Soon I will have a Windows 11 machine. Looking for something easy. Long shot I know.

There’s already a lot of free tools for text to speech.
Here’s one that I’ve just tried that allows you to download the speech so that you don’t need to record it: https://ttstool.com/
Many others are available.

I understand that it’s frustrating to pay a comparatively high amount for a simple AI and yet struggle with certain developmental aspects. In case this isn’t working out for you, you may try out other more affordable [advertising removed] and it gives an equally good quality audio output with several other integrated features…