text to music with subliminal affirmation with enchants

hello is thers code for nyquist prompt to use text to music or document to music so i can generat from text and images and symbols on audacity to generate with power user and to generate sumbliminal affirmation at x30 faster and custumize to how many minutes and hours how fast i want the sublinal messaging with chants with water mantra in backgroun in the settings. is thers away can do this with nyquist plugins? all i need is code and file and settings thanks alot i have gratitude.

I don’t completely understand your question…

There is nothing “subliminal” built-into Audacity but there are various techniques you can use with Audacity. You can do lots of things with Nyquist but you have to do some programming.

You’ll probably get more help on a subliminal forum/website. Most of us on this forum are more interested in what we can actually hear. :wink:

…Personally, I think it’s “more fun” to to use a simple masking technique where a low-level “subliminal” file is mixed with a louder file that drowns it out. If you do it carefully, the louder sound can be subtracted-out to reveal “decode” the hidden message. Audacity CAN do that. Or, I think there are other reversible methods.

I also look for the right code for this too I need some help to do important files text to muscle I need some help please I have gratitude for some health text to music with sublimal affiremates it neeed TO load bigger files to Important to light code the text music with sublimal and enchants with mantras. I need the code to this I don’t think there is one for this in Nyquist prompt . can I please have help to writing this? I have gratitude

I don’t understand your question, but there is a long topic here with information about “subliminals” with Audacity: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/silent-subliminals-solved/20100/1

Is there spirItual hierarchy exposture to have code write for setting to set thes to spiritual hierarch light coding to add postive coding i don’t want negative codes. Is there way to add positive +++? To Nyquist plugin for spiritual light hierarchy sublimal affirmattion?

that some what i need, but still steve i need to import text to music with sumbliminal and enhants with mantras. like the file sumblinal.txt or sumbliminal.doc. with symbols and images thanks steve for you help i have gratitude

I don’t think we can help you. This forum is for technical help.

If I can import from file.text or file.doc then generator music sublimal. This what I want. Need some help how to import from file.text or file.doc. this first step to "reiki text to music with subliminal and enchants generator"

Audacity is an “audio editor”. This forum is about working with audio using Audacity.
We have no information about “enchants”, “subliminal text” or anything like that.

I am closing this topic as it is unrelated to anything that this forum can help with.
You are welcome to ask questions about using Audacity to edit audio.

“reiki text to music with subliminal and enchants generator”

Sorry, I still don’t know what that is…

There is software for converting images into sound but I can’t help you with that and I’m not sure sure if Audacity can do it. (It’s NOT something built into Audacity.) There is PROBABLY better “smarter” software for making music from pictures.

You can open a .DOC file (or any file) with File → Import → Raw Data but if it’s not an audio file you’ll just get pure noise (mostly random).

Most documents are small files so you might must get a just few seconds of “audio”. Of course there’s nothing subliminal in a regular computer file but you MIGHT get a psychological effect called [u]Pareidolia[/u] where you “hear voices”, but probably not music.