Testing impulse response wav files. Audacity 2.2.2 Windows 10

I’ve tried this on Presonus Studio One Artist and it won’t import VST plugins without spending more money. What I want to do is play a guitar-based backing track and apply speaker cabinet/microphone combinations in the form of impulse response ( IR ) wav files. Ultimately this is to help in choosing IRs to use on my Line 6 Helix guitar modeler. I found one amp plugin that works with the backing track I’m using and I can load up the LeCab cabinet emulator VST but I haven’t seen how to use both the amp and the cabinet emulator, or how to load in one of the many cab/mic IRs I have.


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People get into trouble almost immediately when they start doing scientific analysis with Audacity. Audacity is an audio production editor and its goal is to sound OK, not to deliver data.

The very first problem you’re going to run into is data sampling. The default sampling rate is 44100 which gives you an audio production that’s acceptable out to about 20,000Hz. But that’s not an impulse. If you want to generate a square wave that stops and starts dead, you’ll need at least three times the frequency response and that gives you a sampling rate of 132,300. And that’s only approximate.

So I think you might get some fuzzy ideas of what your system is doing. I don’t think it’s going to give you any actionable data. Or worse, the data you do get can be wrong. If you reduce the frequency response of a complex song, the volume can go up because valuable overtones and harmonics don’t all add. Some of them subtract.


Sorry about the double-post. The first time I hit submit I got an error. This is a pretty low-tech effort from an audio standpoint — useful guitar tones are in the 70hz to 8khz range and I’m not gathering data, just listening to the differences in a guitar track by applying different impulse response wav files.

I actually got this VST plug in to work and it lets me load in guitar cabinet/microphone IR files I already own. Now I just need to find some DI guitar tracks that aren’t heavy metal/djent stuff.

Nadir IR loader VST.jpg

Boogex is a free cabinet/mic emulator VST which accepts IR files …

Thanks for that link.