Terry West bug in 2.1.2

I used Terry West’s After in 2.1.1 without a problem. In 2.1.2, some of the features mute all sound when switched on.

Can you post a link to “Terry West?”



“After” is an older mastering plugin:


That’s the one, Cyrano. Only Gain, New York and Monoize keep the sound going. I’ve not tried any of Terry 's other plugins in 2.1.2 but the ones I tried in 2.1.1 gave various problems that I can’t remember in much detail.

It’s generally up to the plug-in developer to make the plug-in compatible with a particular host application. So, you might have to check with Terry West if their website doesn’t have a list.

Commercial VSTs usually list the officially supported hosts. It’s rare for Audacity to be officially supported by commercial VSTs, and I assume that’s because people who use a free audio editor are unlikely to pay for a plug-in. For example, the [u]Auto-Tune website[/u] actually says Audacity for Windows is NOT supported, and it says Audacity2.1.0 for OS-X is “possibly compatible”.

With free VSTs it can be hit-or-miss. People making free plug-ins usually don’t have the budget or staff to test & dubug their software with every known DAW/audio editor.

I forgot to say I have xp.

I hear you, DVD.

That would still seem to be some kind of Audacity “regression” in 2.1.2.

Please give exact steps to reproduce the problem in 2.1.2, then we’ll see if it is worth making a bug report about that specific.


Nothing tricky.

Select All > open After > play. If any effect other than the aforesaid Gain, Monoize or New York is switched on, all sound is muted.

Sorry I cannot reproduce that on Windows 10. I have After “1.2 2012”.

I can’t try XP right now.


I could not reproduce it on XP either.

I was using http://vst4free.com/free_vst.php?plugin=After&id=1728.


Home or Professional?

It’s XP Professional. Why do you think the version of XP would make any difference?