Terrible Sound after reecording

First I’m a radio guy so I’m into sound and tech. Just got a new analog board.

Yes it’s Chinese but it’s a nice board, sounds great through my headphones (Rivals the main board we have at the station.)

Also I have a blue yeti mic that sounds awesome as well.

So I hook most everything up, trying to test things out. Playing music beds off the USB, again sounds great (Mostly need news intros, severe weather beds, show intros, not really needed for songs.)

When I go back to playback on my Alienware Aurora R8, sounds like CRUD! Sounds like its phasing in and out and worse than an AM radio from the 1950s. I’m thinking it’s a sound card issue. I don’t have a dedicated Sound Card. Will getting one installed level it out and make it sound normal?

And yes I know the Yeti is a USB mic, but using the headphone monitor into the line on the mic pot works.

Just got a new analog board.

That post claims it’s a USB mixer.

I’m thinking it’s a sound card issue.

If you’re using the USB connection of the mixer, it doesn’t go through the soundcard.

That kind of distortion can be cause by either Windows itself or your Zoom/Skype connection. Both of them have stiff sound processing and they hate music.


Then you can clean start Windows 10 by Shift+Shutdown > Wait > Start. Do Not let any other services or apps start.


I think the USB part is is only the playback part. Everything else hooks up with 1/4 jacks or xlr.

How are you getting the mixer sound into the computer? Laptop computers haven’t offered Stereo Line-In connections in years. Desktop machine still do. Is that what you have? Those connections are usually awful. Why did you elect to not record through the USB?

Or did you try it and had a noisy, ticking connection? That’s pretty normal.


I didn’t try through the usb…I guess I will try that first

Are you recording with the single “headset” connection on the side of your laptop? Run the other way. Those are really bad line connections but they make up for it by being a terrible headset connections, too.

This is how I get the analog mixer into my machine.

But you don’t need the adapter because you have a USB mixer. There’s something mystical/magical about your setup.