Terratec DMX 6 fire USB multi-device mode does not work

Hi guys,

Audacity 2.0.5
MAC OSX 10.9.1, intel core i5
audio interface Terratec DMX 6fire USB driver version 2.03.52

I used to run Audacity on windows machine with the following setup:
terratec DMX 6fire plugges to windows machine.
Skype running, mic input : Terratec DMX loopback channel, speaker output: Built-in Line out (headphone)
a cable jack2RCA plugs into rear input 3/4 of Terratec.

Audacity Settings on Windows:
MME drivers
record device: Terratec line in 3/4
playback device : Terratec waveplay 1/2

I could then emulate any mic signal playing speech with a wave file with Audacity through waveplay 1/2 (it was automatically looped back to the Terratec loopback channel). Skype took it as my mic signal and send to the network. From my other Skype client I could record with Audacity anything sent by looping back the output of the line out (headphone) channel to Terratec input 3/4.

I basically want to reproduce the equivalent setting with my MAC but it does not work :confused:

after installing Terratec drivers for OSX, I launched the mixer panel to monitor my audio stream.
I launched Audacity but oh surprise in the device list Terratec DMX 6fire appears but only as one audio device. Compare to the windows I was no longer able to select between waveplay1/2, 3/4 or digital.
The same with Skype, it seemed the loopback channel disappeared.

Can anyone tell me how to enable multiple-device mode on a MAC ? Is it a Terratec driver issue or an Audacity issue ?

I don’t think we ever got to a goal. What’s the goal?

Actually, most people would be delighted at what you found. You can record multiple simultaneous channels on Mac, but not on Windows. :wink:

Audacity can’t do any track to channel allocations, so you would have to do them in the Terratec and be prepared to record empty channels if necessary - that is, set Audacity to record six channels but only send it channels 3 and 4.

To emulate Windows you could perhaps try uninstalling the Terratec drivers but then of course the device may not work at all.


sorry for the confusion, I read my post and I must admit it is written in a way it is rather confusing.
my goal is to be able to set up the same testing environment with MAC than with Windows. The detailed explanation of my set up was somehow irrelevant.
the point is when I plugged the Terratec device on a windows machine I could choose from Audacity scroll down menu:

  • playback device
  • Terractec waveplay 1/2
  • Terractec waveplay 3/4
  • Terractec waveplay 5/6
  • Terractec Digital play
  • record device
  • Terractec input 1/2
  • Terractec input 3/4
  • Terractec digital in
  • Terractec loopback

whereas on OSX:

  • playback device
  • Terractec dmx 6fire
  • record device
  • Terractec dmx 6fire

I was just wondering whether it is an audacity issue or a Terratec driver issue or even there are some settings on OSX which I am not aware of.
I would have liked anyone to be able to help me in that matter :slight_smile:
I hope I am a bit more clear.

Perhaps, perhaps not. Mac isn’t Windows.

Well, I understood that all along.

Did you read my post Terratec DMX 6 fire USB multi-device mode does not work - #3 by Gale_Andrews ?


Probably a better idea than uninstalling the Terratec drivers would be to install Darwine http://sourceforge.net/projects/darwine/files/darwine/ . This provides a “compatibility layer” capable of running Windows programs. You would then run Windows versions of Audacity (and Skype). You would then see separate devices in Audacity for each two channels of the Terratec. :cry:

But there may be other ways to do what you want to do. I’ve no clue what you are trying to do.