Temporary Files Directory

I’m using 2.3.3 Portable on Windows 7. I’d like to have the temporary files written to my RAMdisk, but can’t get it to work. The preferences option allows me to change it, but each time I start Audacity it crashes.

Would a USB 3.0 flash drive be a better option than a SATA hard drive?

Any other thoughts welcome as well. Thanks for any responses.

If you are using the version from https://portableapps.com/, we don’t make that version. That’s a repackaged version.

After changing it, what exactly does it say in the “Location” field?
The temp folder must exist.

The “Location” field shows this: Y:\Temp files - Audacity\SessionData\

Audacity creates the file, so that’s not an issue. It showed 3.9GB of free space available, which is strange since I have 32GB of RAM with 24% being used.

After importing about 10 mp3 files, I then attempted to Normalize all of them, resulting in a crash.

The crash produces a box labeled Audacity Cross-Platform Sound Editor, with this in the box: Audacity Cross-Platform Sound Editor has stopped working. The only option in the box is “Close the program”.

Is there a portable version available from Audacity directly? I haven’t found one.

If using the RAMdisk won’t work, would using a USB 3.0 flash drive be more efficient than my hard drive?

Thanks for your input.

That sounds like Audacity ran out of space in it’s temp folder.

What is “it”? Do you mean that Audacity showed 3.9GB of free space available?
Does your file browser tell you how much space is available in that folder or on the Y: drive?

You can use the “ZIP” version of Audacity (see: Audacity ® | Download for Windows) as a portable application. To do that:

  1. Extract the ZIP file to where you want Audacity “installed”.
  2. Create an empty folder in the same location as the “audacity.exe”, and name the folder “Portable Settings”.
  3. (optional), create a Desktop shortcut to run the audacity.exe (alternatively, just double click on the “audacity.exe” file to run it).

Detailed information is in the manual: Portable Audacity - Audacity Manual

What’s the problem with your hard drive?