Temporarily Lowering the volume of Track1 while Track2 is playing?


I want to temporarily lower the volume of Track1 while Track2 is playing.

Lowering the volume of a track can be done by adjusting the Gain switch which is located at the left side of the panel.

But I have a track that is around 6:30 minutes, what I want to do is the following, at around 1:30 intervals I want the volume of track1 will become somewhat quieter and that track2 becomes the foreground.

Track1 is now at +0:0dB and at the interval of track2, I want track1 to go to -21.0dB.

I guess, I can do the following, 10 seconds before the interval at track2. I can fade-out track1 and copy that entire section of track1 that is covered by track2 to a new track (track3) and place the gain at -21.0dB. This causes track2 to go to the foreground while having track3 play at the background and 10 seconds before the end of the interval of track2 I can fade-in track1.

This is a bit tedious and really working like I want it to be so I was wondering if there is another way, maybe a plugin?

Sounds like a job for AutoDuck …

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I just tested it, and yes it works, thank you very very much Mr. Trebor.

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