Tempo Gradient?

Is it possible to achieve a ‘tempo gradient’? Basically, I have one track fading out (music at, lets say 80bpm) and I have another track fading at this point, but it’s 100bpm.

I’d like to have the second song actually fade in at 80bpm, but gradually reach 100 over the range I select (say, 5 seconds) without interfering with pitch (illustration attached).

If Audacity can’t do it, then I’d even consider another application if anyone knows of one. I’m running Ubuntu Linux, but some Windows software will work on that too.

Many thanks,

You need to use a very recent version of Audacity 1.3.x

Effect menu > Sliding Time Scale/Pitch Shift…

Warning - there was a bug in this effect that could sometimes cause Audacity to crash. This has been corrected in the latest development version, but the fix may not yet be in the standard Ubuntu version, so back your work up before trying this effect. If I remember correctly this bug is more likely to happen with extreme setting with “Transient Sharpening” enabled. Moderate settings should be OK but probably safest to not use Transient Sharpening until the next release version.

There is still a small (non-fatal) bug in the current development code, which is that the pitch sliders work the wrong way round (to make the pitch go up you need to set the pitch change to a negative value) but that should be fixed in the next release.

stevethefiddle, I didn’t expect to find everything I needed detailed in one place LOL. Thank you so much for that. I was expecting to eventually end up running a windows app on wine or something painstaking.

I’ll get the most recent version I can and try it out. Thanks again, I really appreciate that.

Update: The feature is available in the Audacity packaged in the Software Center for Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10. I just didn’t know what it was.

It works a treat, thanks!