Tempo for copy and paste

I saw this question asked on one of the forum some where but the reply was restricted by the administrator So I guess I’ll ask it again.
“I used a program before were I could change the tempo of the track so that the bars allowed me to easily copy and paste a sound bit in tempo. I don’t know how to do this in audacity can someone help me?”

Do you mean that you want the time display (the ruler that shows the time) to display bars and beats?
If that’s what you mean, then unfortunately Audacity does not have that feature.

No, that is not what I mean but it would be a nice addition for more accurate editing. What I had was afeature that slowed down the playback so you could more easily find the spot on the wave where you wanted to start your edit

In Audacity it is called the “Transcription Toolbar”
It has a small green “Play button” with a “speed slider” next to it. If it’s not visible, go to “View > Toolbars” and select it.

To use it, press the play button then adjust the slider to change the speed.

Once the slider has been selected you can use the left and right cursor keys to restart play from the current star position, and at the same time speed up or slow down the playback speed.

Thanks for the info this sounds just like what I was looking for