Tempo and interferences

Hi to everyone

I’m trying to lower the speed of a song - I want the voice to sing more slowly.
I’ve tried two things: 1/ In “effects” “change the speed” and I’ve decreased it. The result is not satisfactory because I got a sort “robot” voice (very deep, electronic)
2/ In effects, “change the tempo” (beat, in english?). The voice is preserved and the song got slower, however some defects resulted: the voice is “trembling” or “crackling” and I notice
a little echo

I’ve tried many options in the “effects” category but I’ve not succed in limitating these defects.

I’m using audacity 2.1.3, windows 8 and I’ve found no solution in the forum.

Do you have any ideas?

Thanks in advance

A large change in speed will sound strange.
For a small or moderate amount of change, enabling the “Use high quality stretching (slow)” option is likely to give better results. http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/change_tempo.html

That echo is caused by missing enough information for such conversion. In fact, basic plugin functionality only copies some samples to create much slower sound while preserving pitch, and that’s all it does. If you use bettef quality option, it may attempt to compute the average waveform for you. It may sound much better, but always will be slower and never will be perfect. If you’re slowing down, it’s always far from perfect as there are missing data to take information from. If you enable higher quality, it attempts to guess the missing information out of average curves between gapped samples. On the other hand, fastening consumes information as it needs to reduce amount of information in order to fasten the sound while preserving pitch. That’s only to add information about why it sounds strange. In conclusion, it sounds strange because of missing data…