Temp files don't auto delete when you close the program?

I’m using Audacity 2.0.5 on Windows XP. I’ve used Audacity for awhile now and never remember it keeping temp files after it closes. But lately I’ve started noticing large amount of Audacity temp files after closing a session. Am I mistaken in thinking it didn’t used to do it? I only started noticing it the last week or so. I have to manually delete them. Is there a way to delete them automatically? When I close a session I never save anything when I’m prompted.

As I think you know, we caution against continuing to use XP.

Yes, when you File > Close, the temporary “project” folder for that never saved project should be deleted. When you File > Exit, all the temporary project folders should be deleted.

If you have the temp folder open in Explorer or you are monitoring it with anti-virus software, strange behaviours may happen. I suggest rebooting the computer then deleting the unwanted temp folders.


I reinstalled Audacity and it’s auto deleting temp files again. It was probably time for a reinstall, this computer sees a lot of action. :slight_smile:

I assume you know that unless you enable “Reset Preferences” in the Audacity installer, reinstalling Audacity does not change its settings.