Telephony-Custom Message on Hold

I would greatly appreciate your help. I work for a company that sells and installs commercial telephony equipment, specifically LG/Ericsson, most commonly PBX model eMG-80. We are often asked to place custom message on hold onto the PBX system. No one at my company can do that.

We’ve asked the vendors we use for instruction and they give very vague answers and I’m convinced they can’t do it either. The “better” answers all point in the direction of using Audacity to convert common files such as .wav or mp3 to a very specific G.711 8 khz 8 bit mono u-law (wav?) file. I’ve followed the path as far as I can. Several folks tell you to follow Edit->Preferences->File Formats BUT THEN File formats does not exist. BTW, using 2.2.2.

If someone could please send me foolproof, childproof, fail safe, no way to screw this up directions enabling me to record a custom message on hold (or music on hold) onto an LG/Ericsson eMG-80 PBX, I’ll promise you my fourth-born child (or cookies, or smoked salmon or), whatever you want, your step-by-step instructions would be profoundly appreciated. Msg me and I can send you my e-mail address if that makes things easier.


If you haven’t done so already, download the [u]FFmpeg Import/Export Library[/u] (ffmpeg-win-2.2.2.exe ) and run the EXE file to install it.

Load the current file into Audacity.

In the bottom left of the Audacity Window, change the Project Rate to 8000.

File → Export → Export Audio

Save as type: Custom FFmpeg Export

Click Open custom FFmpeg format options

Click Show All Formats and select WAV

Click Show All Codecs and select pcm_mulaw (At the top of the screen you should see a long format description that includes “G.711”.)

Click OK. (That will bring you back to the previous Window, and you can save.)

…I hope I didn’t miss anything. :smiling_imp: