techniques for minor voice alteration

I am trying to do some basic altering of my voice. I don’t want to do anything extreme, because I want the end result to sound fairly normal. I just want it to sound a little different from myself. The only thing I have experimented with to any satisfaction is raising or lowering the pitch a little, but that still does not change things quite enough. Any suggestions on what else I could do?

change the eq
add some reverb

It’s rougher to do than you think. Do you have a target or an idea of what you want it to sound like? Working open ended is more difficult than the other requests we get for changing man into announcer, man into woman, woman into child, etc. etc.

I’ve never tried this, but take your voice and pitch change it higher or lower than is good. Make it sound a little weird. Export that file. Open that file and try to bring the pitch back to where it was. The import/export processes (assuming 44100, 16-bit) should have damaged some of the elements of the voice enough to experiment with. You may need to change the Audacity Preferences to allow this. Audacity defaults of 32-bit Floating do not allow tricks like this.

Throw an MP3 in the export and restrict the bitrate a little too much. Then try to bring the voice back.

Sometimes a little effects in the wrong place can have good results. Remember R2D2’s projection scene, “Help me Obi Wan Kenobe, You’re my only hope.” That was a breaking up video tape on its side. There, I just ruined the scene for you.


I had another idea. Select a very small part of the actual voice as the Profile in the Noise Reduction Tool. Then apply the tool with various settings and see what happens. This only works in Audacity 1.3.12.

There’s the usual ring modulator and voice keyers, too.


Also vocoder, but I got the impression the original poster wanted something completely human sounding.

How would you do that if I walked in dragging a very large checkbook behind me?


<<<Also vocoder, but I got the impression the original poster wanted something completely human sounding.>>>

Perhaps the “LaFontaine Module?”