TC Helicon type vocal harmonizer - would be nice to have

What a treat it would be to have built into the effects library a TC Helicon type of vocal harmonizer. One that would harmonize vocals to a 3rd higher or a 5th higher or a 3rd lower or a 5th lower and/or any combination of those. Allowing multiple harmonized tracks would be great even if they have to be processed one at a time. I know there are multiple plugins out there to download plus their drivers that need to be downloaded and then they have to be manipulated into the Audacity folders and then installed. I’ve tried a couple of these with no luck at getting anything to work. TC Helicon can produce multiple harmonized vocal sounds in real time. I’d settle for a single track done one at a time in post processing.

The free version of Grallion2 works in Audcaity.
It has pitch-shift* which can be mixed with the dry original in the plugin.

(* and pitch correction )