Tascam Us-2000... Audacity only recognizing 2 inputs??

So I got this 8 track digital interface, but it seems as though Audacity is only recognizing inputs 1 and 2 (only option for recording is “line in Tascam 2000”). I have installed the drivers, but is there something else I’m missing?? I was hoping I’d be able to get 8 channels of mic going at once, but it’s not even recognizing inputs beyond 1 and 2 -Even when no mics are in 1 and 2…



It’s up to the drivers. On its own, most multi-channel devices will mount as stereo with the first two inputs being Left and Right. That’s so you don’t send it back.

Some devices mount Stereo in groups of two. Inputs 3 and 4 become Left and Right by themselves. —or— 5 and 6 become Left and Right.

Audacity has a multi-channel forum.


See if Tascam has help forums or services.

It’s possible that the drivers affect Windows and you maybe able to go into the Windows Control Panels and set conditions there.


——Do not download or install anything.——


[u]Here[/u] is some information that might be helpful.

Multi-track recording with Audacity seems to be “difficult” but a few people have been successful. (I don’t have a multi-channel interface and I haven’t tried it.)

Your TASCAM interface should have come with a free version of Cuebase so that or another [u]DAW application[/u] may be a better choice.

Thinking I might have to go that route -From everything I’ve read…
I just downloaded Reaper and I’m almost there… Can’t get it to record, though! Ha!

Thank you for these resources. Unfortunately, I think I’m gonna have to relegate Audacity for 2 trk or less. Looks like it’s impossible to get it to do more than that unless you have a certain interface/ mixer and are willing to do certain ASIO “hacks”. Just downloaded Reaper and I’m almost there. Something isn’t communicating quite right between the Tascam and the program just yet, but I’m getting there!