tascam dr 40 /zoom H4N

I,m thinking about to buy an external digital record
my question
the model “tascam der 40” or “zoom HN” are valid in my computer with “debian linux”?, my version of audacity is 2.0.1
And about two models, Which one is better for using audacity?
thanks from spain

If they’re both certified for use with your computer, then I think they’ll both work pretty well for you. When you’re stuck with a decision like this, Google for complaints. Anybody can write a good review, but it’s good to hear from people that have problems.

What’s the show? What are you recording? Sometimes size is important and if one is smaller than the other, that will be your choice.


A common mistake with stand-alone recorders is to use them as a live microphone connected to the computer with USB. That means you’re limited to the length of the cable and you need to have a perfectly quiet computer and usually, you need to have wall power. All those problems go away if you use the recorder stand-alone.