Tascam DP03 recordings advice.

I have bought a brand new a Tascam DP03 Digital Recorder about 3 weeks ago.I’ve recorded the songs I wrote on to it.Just need to get them converted from WAV mono files to stereo files so I can put them on to cd.The unit has a built in cd burner.I’d prefer to export files from Tascam to computer via USB cable then convert them.As this unit is difficult I want to do things the simpler way as possible.

As the Tascam isnt a simple unit to operate compared to the Tascam 414mk 11 4 track tape deck that I stopped using (because I couldnt buy cassettes anywhere unless I went to ebay.),I just want to sort this out.And,I’ve still got the 414 at home.Now thats the epitome of simplicity.

I’ve got 2 songs on computer that I exported from DP03 to pc.They are in WAV mono files.I want to convert to WAV or MP3 stereo to put into a computer folder and burn to cd at some point.

Can anyone help with this please?

You cannot usefully convert mono to stereo except by adding artificial effects to produce “faked” stereo. A mono file already plays through left and right of a stereo system.

You may need to make the files stereo for your CD burner, but if so you can just add an empty stereo track as described on http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/burning_music_files_to_a_cd.html .

As noted on the above link, export from Audacity as WAV, not MP3 for the purpose of burning to an audio CD that can be played by a standalone CD player.

If you want to export a separate MP3 file, you will need to download and install LAME thus: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/faq_installation_and_plug_ins.html#lame .


Thank you for advice.I appreciate your help.

I’m sorry for adding this information here.I looked to realise I had excluded some detail from my post:

The song I wrote,played and recorded I want to put on cd .It is in 2 parts.
One is the music track, and the other is
the music and singing track.Both are mono WAV files.
Am I supposed to combine them so that one is left and the other is the right?
Then will they be suitable to burn to cd? Do they need to be converted to WAV or mp3 files?
The info on those files are:
I have no idea what that information means.I’m not that tech savy.I write my own songs and its all done at home.I bought professional gear to get good quality.I dont play professionally.

My Tascam 4 track taped deck/mixer was simple.Record on tape,hook up to computer,upload to computer file,burn to cd.Done.

Thank you.
The DP03 digital recorder doesnt not make life simple.There must be a simple way to get it done.I’m almost tempted to sell the new DP03 and buy up bulk cassettes.

What CD burning software are you using? If you’re trying to make audio CDs with Windows Media Player, then I suggest that you get a proper CD burning program such as Nero (commercial, non-free) or CDBurnerXP (free). Both of these programs allow you to chose the type of CD that you want to create (Select “Audio CD”) and then just drop and drag your WAV files into the “compilation window”, then burn the CD. Both of these programs will accept mono or stereo WAV files - they will convert mono files to “stereo” (actually “2 channel mono”) automatically so you don’t need to worry about converting to stereo.

CDBurnerXP website: http://cdburnerxp.se/en/home
CDBurnerXP instructions: http://cdburnerxp.se/help/doku.php
CDBurnerXP download: http://cdburnerxp.se/en/download

Is your intention that you should hear the “music” and “music and singing” tracks playing at the same time? If so you will have to use Audacity. Drag both WAV’s into Audacity. The tracks will be one above the other.

If you are not sure if the tracks should be played together or not, just hit the big green Play button after you drag the WAV’s in and listen to what it sounds like. Press “Solo” if you want to hear what a track sounds like on its own.

If you still want to play the tracks together, just File > Export… . Audacity will give you a mono WAV with those two tracks playing together. If you want the same sound to come out of left and right speakers, that is all you need to do, assuming your CD burner can burn a mono file.

If the burner complains about a mono file, just do Tracks > Add New > Stereo Track before the export.

However you may want to play with the L…R sliders on the two tracks (look to left of the blue waves). Those sliders will let you make a stereo track out of the two mono tracks. For example you can make the “music only” track come more out of the left than the right. In this case you don’t need to add the stereo track at all. Just File > Export… .


Thanks Steve.

I better try the CDbrnerXP so I downloaded it.I’ll try it.Thank you for recommendation.

When I’ve used my Tascam 4 track mixer cassette recorder,I just record my songs on cassette,attach cable to transfer to pc,I’ve used “Wave pad audio editing” then made a WAV file.Then I’ll add various WAV files (songs)then burn to cd usuall by “Express Burn”.Its all in stereo.It was the simplest way.I even made cds using 2 track recording from a standard cassette deck.They worked perfect too.And,in stereo.

I downloaded CDBurnerXP.I then added my 2 files,burnt to cd and they came out as 2 separate audio tracks instead of 1.When I played the cd there were 2 tracks.1 was the mono of the song with me playing the piano and me singing the song.The other track was a stereo track of just the me playing the piano.

This 2 files are the 1 recording of 1 song.Its just how the recorder exported them to computer.

I’m going to try audacity and see how that works.

Whoa, I thought that is what you wanted. In CDBurnerXP, (or Nero, or most other good CD burning programs) you get one track for each file. I must have misunderstood what you are trying to do.

All I want is to take the 2 WAV files:
Then record them on cd as a complete song.

I have them both set up on Audacity right now.I can play them.Its definitely in stereo.
Do I make a copy of the 2 files as 1 recording so its in stereo?
Then,do I take that copy of it and burn it straight to cd?
I had made a copy of this song via my Tascam 414 mk 2 -4 track cassette deck.Uploaded it to computer and then made a cd of all my songs.Now that I’ve bought the digital recorder to replace the cassette deck I’m doing all my songs again.I just want a copy of the digital recording to put on cd.

Sorry, I’m still not sure what you mean. Are TEX000_1.WAV and TEX000_2.WAV supposed to play at the same time (like a vocal track and a guitar track for the same song), or play one after the other *like a verse and chorus)?
Does the Audacity project play the thing that you want as one track on the CD?

I thought OP wanted to play them at the same time. I already went into that in detail here https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/tascam-dp03-recordings-advice/30584/6 .

If OP wants the songs to play one after the other, press F5 on the keyboard then assuming you have both files in one Audacity window, View > Zoom Out then click and drag the second track so that it starts where the first track ends. Note: If the files are mono, then dragging one song to start after the end of the other song still leaves you with mono.


Yes.They are supposed to play at the same time to give a stereo sound.When I put both tracks on audacity then got to “Tracks”,Add New,Stereo Tracks,then Export,save ,it works and I have a stereo copy of the song.I then added it to CDBurnerXP and burnt a copy of it on cd.Got it.Just to test it I might load up the cassette version to audacity and do the same thing then burn it with CDBurner XP instead of Express Burn.

I’m sorry for the confusion.This digital recorder is a new experience after being spoilt by the older Tascasm which is the simplest.