Tascam 70-D to MacBook connectivity

I’ve used Behringer mixers but the company recently invested in a Tascam 70-D for it portability and 4 XLR input.

Unfortunately the MacBook does not recognize the 70-D as anything more than a storage device. My hope was to run the Tascam recorder to my MacBook via USB and capture/record thru Audacity but again neither my MacBook nor Audacity recognize the device.

Are there any compact, 4 XLR solutions on the market that will allow me to record directly onto my MacBook/Audacity via USB?

Anything wrong with recording on the D70 and just transfer the files over? I have a number of sound recorders that appear as hard drives. They record and dump the files onto the “drive.” Mount the device later and push the files off.


There’s a great deal to be said for not using a computer to record. All the computer time sharing, sampling, level and noise problems vanish.

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 15.02.32.png

Recordings on that thing sound reasonable and can be made to pass audiobook reading technical standards.


Thanks for the thoughtful reply, Koz.

We’re mainly going to use this for podcasting and I like being able to look at the wave dynamic thru Audacity when recording – plus the show also runs on the radio and we have time constraints so the Audacity interface just helps keep us on schedule better.

But noted on your insight into the sound quality of the device and potential sacrifice of using USB.