Tascam 2X2 headphone suggestions? - mine aren't working for playback

I’m trying to monitor the Line Out on my Tascam 2X2 using the headphone jack. I’ve got the cheap Sony headphones ( MDRZX110) that have a 3.5 mm jack. So I bought a 1/4" adapter from Best Buy so it would fit the Tascam 2X2. Unfortunately I can’t get any sound in the headphones. Everything else works fine (recording, listening via headphones on the laptop, etc). I did get sound for a split second when I had the unit on my lap and the cord bent. I tried jiggling everything for ten minutes and couldn’t get anything again. So I’m thinking the adapter isn’t working. Any suggestions for some headphones that come with a 1/4" jack that would work well in this situation (just monitoring my pedal steel guitar input)? Nothing too expensive? Or do you think there’s a different solution? Sorry for the long and newbie post. Thanks

That headphone adapter should work. I assume it’s stereo (A 3-contact ‘TRS’ plug like this)?

Most headphones these days have the smaller connector and sometimes they come with a more “permanent” screw-on adapter.

Just quickly checking online, there is a knob to adjust the mix between the direct input and the signal from the computer. Is either one working?

When monitoring from the computer, make sure you’ve selected the USB device as your Audacity Playback Device.

Thanks, Doug, for the response. I really appreciate it. Yes, it looks like the same adapter. I didn’t get an adapter withe my headphones. The fact that it worked for a second makes me think there is a problem with it. The knob to mix between direct input and the computer - the direct input would be what I’m trying to hear and it’s not working. There is no input from the computer set currently - I’m guessing this would be midi-input, which I’m not using.

I think this really should have gone on the Tascam forum but I spaced that out.

This all came up because I could listen to Audacity playback on the computer but not input into Audacity (the Tascam 2X2). So I thought, why not listen to it on the Tascam? But I suspect that the Tascam USB device is disabled in Windows Settings, as it only appears when plugged in. I’m thinking that enabling it will solve that problem. I think I am also just going to go get a 1/4 " headphones and go from there. It would be nice to hear it from the Tascam end of things as well Thanks again.


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