Tape saturation Limiter

I want to add some saturation to a track & therefore want to download the TSL (ny). When I click on download it downloads a ny file. How do I get this into audacity?


See if that helps. Audacity 2.3.2, has an installer missing from earlier versions.

However, you may not need it. Audacity has Effect > Distortion: Leveller which has similar effects: As sound gets louder, it increases with no distortion until a set volume where it increases less and less rapidly. This is where the saturation curve on tape starts to deviate from the straight-line portion if you’re keeping score. Eventually you hit a point where it doesn’t increase at all and that has a lot of the same sound as clipping. The magnetic domains on the tape “run out” and just stop changing.

Leveller used to be the main way to provide sound compression until it was taken over by methods which have much lower audible damage. However, it was retained under distortion because it’s a terrific way to simulate Air Traffic Controller, 2-way and Taxi Radio sound.


Like this.



Try “Soft Overdrive” or “Soft Clipping”.