Taking Audacity files on a road trip?

I am not very knowledgeable about Audacity – but I have recorded a lot of my LPs to Audacity and listen to them on my (old Windows XP) computer.

I am taking a long road trip this summer and would love to take a lot of files along.

Any suggestions for a good device to play them back with in a rental car? All the young people (I am 70) seem to have tiny devices that can play back hours and hours of stuff

IS there anything like that which will work with Audacity files?

Thanks for any pointers. I looked around but didn’t find anything on that question…

Hopefully you don’t have “Audacity files”. that only play in Audacity. MP3’s or FLACs, etc.? WAV files will “play anywhere” but are not as good for “tagging” with artist/title/album information, and they are bigger since they are uncompressed,

Do you have a smart phone? Most newer cars can link to your phone via Bluetooth and you can play through the car radio. And most smart phones have plenty of space for lots of MP3s.

You’ll probably need some help if you haven’t done that before. (I haven’t done it… I have “iPod docks” in my two vehicles and about 18000 MP3s on my iPod Classic.)

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