Take out a cough while someone else is talking

Hi everyone! I am relatively new to audacity and found a great tutorial on how to eliminate a cough happening in the background for Adobe Audition, but I can’t seem to find an auto-heal tool or a marquee tool equivalent in Audacity to fix the same issue.

What exactly happened is I am interviewing someone, while I am asking the person a question, she coughs (loudly) in the background. I want to eliminate this cough without eliminating my question. I “think” i can find the cough in the spectrography info, but I have NO Idea how to get rid of it. I tried to analyze the plot spectrum/ frequency analysis but have zero clues what I am looking at, and I tried to do something with the curves(?) but I also don’t know what I’m doing there. Any help is much appreciated, I think I’ve wasted two hours on this already.

If you can identify the cough in the track spectrogram view, then you could try the “Spectral edit multi tool” https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/spectral_edit_multi_tool.html

I will try that! Thank you!

Post back how it went.

I’d be shooting it again. Your question, I mean. Listen to yourself on headphones ask the question. Speak the words and record at the same time to get the timing close assuming the shot is your face while you’re asking. If it’s not, so much the better. You can use background noise from the rest of the shoot behind your voice to make it appear real. You can use Overdubbing for this, but you can record your monolog on your phone and play that into you headphones while you record normally.

People who do this all the time can actually announce headphone words one or two words late and not read the script at all. It’s a little freaky watching this happen, but a couple of passes and many people can do it.

I think I’ve wasted two hours on this already.

With the possibility of many more if you’re trying to precision filter a dialog track. The Audacity Party Line is we can’t split voices, instruments or sounds from each other in a mixed performance. You may be there for a while. Worst case, go back to the interview location and then shoot your half of the show again. That happens more often that you think. Editing is not just jamming two videos together.


Sadly I can’t really get it to work out. problem is it was taped at a convention with thousands of people walking around so probably can’t replicate exactly but if I wanted to go bananas I could try to figure it out. Alas, I think I’m going in for the full fail at this point! Thanks for your help though!