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I am recording a large quantity of vinyl to digital and the tags on the files show just fine on some programs but not on others. Frequently the artist name is missing. The primary culprit is the Mixxx program. Nothing I record shows the artist name so I have to enter it all again for every track. (I have at least a 1000 more to do). Can anyone offer any insight? Anything is helpful.

Thank you in advance for your help. I am posting in the Mixxx forum also.

Audacity is an audio editor and tags or audio metadata are not it’s strong suit and tend to receive low priority from the developers. Let me suggest using mp3tag an external editor to get everything just so.

If it helps, here is a list of currently open metadata issues in audacity: Issues · audacity/audacity · GitHub

Thank you for your reply. I did not expect it to be a high priority. But at least you know now that it is an issue, however minor it may be.

I also use MP3Tag. (It works with almost all formats, not just MP3.)

Audacity also doesn’t support embedded artwork.

And, Audacity doesn’t allow you to just edit the tags without re-writing the whole file. That means if you are working on MP3s or other lossy formats you have to go through another generation of lossy compression. MP3 tag writes to the original file without touching the audio.

Different file formats support different tag formats and they aren’t all interchangeable/compatible. MP3 uses ID3 tags, FLAC uses Vorbis Comments, etc. It’s not trivial to support them all.

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