taglib missing from 1.3.13 source code

Is taglib actually required? The MSVC 2008 project attempts to build it, and gets loads of errors as a result of the missing files. I don’t see any instructions in the Windows compile.txt file regarding the need to obtain taglib from somewhere else.


taglib is required and is in the lib-src folder. You should delete your SVN HEAD folder, create a new folder and check out again to the new folder.

I’m not using svn. I downloaded the tarball from http://audacityteam.org/download/beta_source (under “Recommended Download”). I just checked again, and taglib is not in there.


Recommended Download *

Audacity 1.3.13 release (source tarball) (.tar.bz2 file, 6.2 MB) This is our standard source tarball. > It assumes your system has the necessary dependencies (libraries) installed > (see below).

For building on Windows, use:

Optional Downloads

Audacity 1.3.13 release (source tarball) (.tar.bz2 file, 17.6 MB) This is a full source tarball, useful for Windows and Mac machines which may lack the necessary dependencies to compile Audacity.

Sorry, I was unclear last time. The full source tarball IS the one I downloaded, and taglib is not in there!


Strange. It was in the full source tarball up to and including 1.3.11, but is missing in 1.3.12 and 1.3.13.
I’ll make some enquiries.

Taglib never has been used by Audacity - it was imported for some experiments, but they never got released.

So it has never been necessary to build taglib to build Audacity, and I’m not surprised it doesn’t build with VS, but that shouldn’t stop you building the rest of Audacity.

Thanks for the answer.

Probably taglib should be removed from the VC2008 sln then, or at least marked as “no build” in the configuration manager, like slv2 and some others are.


Taglib builds in SVN HEAD with “Unicode Release” configuration and as far as I know with the other three configurations. The issue is just that it’s missing from the tarball but enabled in configuration.

From discussions a while ago on -devel, we were considering switching from libidtag to taglib to get better support for WAV and AIFF metadata (also avoiding the the ad hoc method of adding AIFF tags on to libidtag).